Examination of child trafficking in the light of legal amendments in India and international developments
Prof Souvik Chatterji, Aditi Roy
child, trafficking, human rights, fundamental rights, India, forced labor, kidnapping. Child trafficking is defined as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, and receipt or kidnapping of a child for adoption, exploitation, forced labor, or slavery. It is a form of modern slavery. Children are dominated by this practice to provide cheap labor, work in dangerous situations, illegal activities, be domestic laborers, be forced to smuggle drugs, be child soldiers, and prostitutes, etc.
Child trafficking is a global problem in the world. It is a serious offense relating to the past, present and futures day in society. The human rights of children are required to be protected in every civilized country. In these child trafficking and child-related offenses, children are the biggest victims. The term child trafficking means selling, transferring, or transporting a child from one state to another state according to the different definitions given by the legislature. They are physically, mentally, and sexually abused by the traffickers and their human rights are infringed. Child trafficking may be caused by kidnapping, love affairs, the promise of marriage, employment, etc. Child trafficking violates the Fundamental Rights of the child as enshrined by the Indian Constitution from education, exploitation, forced labor, bonded labor, removal of organs, domestic slavery, etc. Section 370A of IPC, 1860 deals with the exploitation of a trafficked person who knowingly or reasons to believe that a minor has been sexually exploited in such a manner that a punishment will be given for rigorous imprisonment for a term which may be rigorous imprisonment for a term not less than five years and extend up to seven years and fine. The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1988 (ITPA) deals with the punishment relating to traffickers for sexual exploitation and it violates the Fundamental Rights of children. There are various acts relating to the trafficking. The new amendment bill 2021 called the Trafficking of Person (Prevention, Care Rehabilitation) Bill, 2021 has suggested many changes.
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