Ev mileage booster using supercapacitor
Arya P Jambhulkar, Neha M Gupta, Neha N Manohare, Archana S Jaiswar, Pranay S Wandhare, R A Keswani , Pooja N Gaurkar
An EV is a vehicle that is fueled by an electric engine that draws power from a battery and can be charged from an outside source. The greatest figure that decides the extent of an EV is the capacity of the lithium-ion battery in the vehicle. The proposed ideal torque conveyance procedure among the front and raise wheels, moves forward the by and large vitality proficiency of the vehicle, in this manner expanding the driving run achievable per charge cycle of the EV. The torque is optimized to minimize the vitality utilization amid driving as well as maximize the regenerative vitality recovery amid braking. In this paper, a real-time torque dissemination control framework is proposed that can realize the ideal dissemination of driving-braking torque compared to the driving commands, for consistent speed driving, increasing speed, braking, and reviewing climbing driving modes. The ideal torque dissemination guarantees negligible vitality utilization, hence making strides in the vitality productivity of the EV. By decreasing the vitality utilization the driving extent achievable per charge cycle is progressed, realizing the extended expansion of EVs. Keywords- Coordinate current engine drive; with 12v battery and solar panel, buck converter.
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Unique Paper ID: 163082

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 11

Page(s): 657 - 659
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