Optimizing Academic Schedules: A Time Table Generator Approach
Sourav Saini, Mohanish Buhadia, Pooja Udaywal, Alka Rani
Time table generation is a critical task in various educational institutions and organizations, aiming to efficiently allocate resources such as classrooms, teachers, and students while meeting constraints and preferences. This paper presents a comprehensive review of existing methods and approaches employed in the development of time table generators. By analyzing a range of research papers, software applications, and algorithms, this review aims to provide insights into the key challenges, techniques, and advancements in time table generation. The review covers various aspects including problem formulation, constraints handling, optimization techniques, and evaluation metrics. Additionally, it discusses the implications of different approaches in terms of computational complexity, scalability, and usability. By synthesizing the findings, this paper identifies trends, gaps, and potential directions for future research in the domain of time table generation. This research paper introduces an efficient time table generator tailored for academic institutions. Time table scheduling is a critical task in educational settings, often riring significant time and effort from administrators. Traditional manual methods are prone to errors, inefficiencies, and may not optimize resources adequately. Therefore, automating this process can streamline operations, minimize conflicts, and enhance overall productivity. Our proposed time table generator employs advanced algorithms to optimize resource utilization, accommodate various constraints, and ensure fairness in assigning schedules.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 11

Page(s): 728 - 733
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