Smart Traffic management via divider shifting mechanisms
Kedar Vasant Bhambure, Nilesh Ashok Patil , Santosh Neelkanth Solapure , Gangadhar Siddhanna Chalgeri , Prof Sumit Wani
Divider Shifting Mechanisms, Traffic Management, Lane Allocations.
Smart traffic management through divider shifting mechanisms is a cutting-edge approach to address urban congestion and enhance road safety. This innovative system utilizes a movable divider or barrier that can be adjusted to dynamically alter road configurations and lane allocations. Real-time monitoring, facilitated by a network of sensors and cameras, provides a constant stream of traffic data, which is analysed by advanced algorithms. The system optimizes traffic flow by reallocating lanes based on changing conditions, such as rush-hour congestion or accidents. It can swiftly create barriers in emergency situations to isolate affected areas and facilitate rapid response by emergency services. Variable speed limits are employed to ensure safe driving, while dedicated lanes for pedestrians and cyclists can be created or removed as needed. Integration with a centralized traffic management center allows for efficient coordination and communication with vehicles on the road. Connected vehicles receive real-time information about lane changes and speed limit adjustments, contributing to smoother traffic patterns and increased safety. the system can contribute to environmental sustainability by favouring less congested routes or promoting the use of public transportation during peak hours, thereby reducing emissions.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 11

Page(s): 777 - 782
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