Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Mr. Krishan Lal
Individual Difference, Personality Psychology, Intelligence Research, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, And Educational Psychology, Children with Special Needs.
Individual differences are a central focus within the field of psychology, encompassing the myriad ways in which individuals vary in terms of their cognitive abilities, personality traits, emotional responses, social behaviours, and other psychological attributes. This abstract provides an overview of the concept of individual differences in psychology, highlighting its significance in understanding human diversity and informing various areas of psychological research and practice. It explores key theoretical perspectives, such as trait theory, cognitive psychology, and social-cognitive theory, that underpin the study of individual differences. The abstract discusses the role of individual differences in areas such as personality psychology, intelligence research, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, and educational psychology. It examines how individual differences influence outcomes such as academic achievement, mental health, interpersonal relationships, and life satisfaction. Furthermore, the abstract considers methodological approaches, including psychometric assessment, longitudinal studies, and cross-cultural research, used to measure and analyze individual differences. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing and respecting individual variability in psychological research, assessment, diagnosis, and intervention, with implications for promoting well-being, diversity, and social justice. Overall, this abstract highlight the multifaceted nature of individual differences and their pervasive influence across various domains of psychology, underscoring their importance in advancing our understanding of human behaviour and experience. Individual differences play a crucial role in the field of special education, particularly concerning children with special needs. This abstract provides an overview of the concept of individual differences within the context of children with special needs, highlighting its significance in understanding and addressing their unique educational and developmental needs. It explores various dimensions of individual differences, including cognitive abilities, learning styles, sensory processing, social-emotional functioning, and adaptive behaviours, among others. The ab
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Unique Paper ID: 163370

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 11

Page(s): 859 - 877
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