Electric Vehicle Charging and Temperature Monitoring
Neela Tharun Kumar, Beeram T Sri Raghuram, Tanvi P Bhonsle, M Aruna Bharathi
Battery Management System (BMS), Voltage Management, Temperature, Electric Vehicle (EV).
In the realm of electric mobility, our paper unveils an innovative Electric Vehicle Battery Management System. Harnessing the power of Arduino Nano and precision sensors, our system pioneers comprehensive charge and temperature monitoring. Real-time data acquisition enables precise control, optimizing battery performance and longevity. Coupled with an intuitive LCD display, drivers gain immediate insights, ensuring a seamless and efficient driving experience. Embark with us on this electrifying journey towards sustainable and intelligent electric vehicle technology. Efficient battery management systems (BMS) are crucial for maximizing output and safety in electric vehicles (EVs), monitoring parameters, determining state of charge (SOC), and providing essential services. Ongoing research focuses on developing increasingly competent BMS to enhance EV performance and reliability. Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption is rising, with batteries as crucial components. Battery Management Systems (BMS) are vital for accurate State of Charge (SOC) estimation; however, existing methods face limitations like accumulative errors and neglecting factors like temperature. This paper proposes a method considering temperature's impact on SOC through a temperature coefficient, enhancing accuracy by incorporating these factors into a state space battery model.
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Unique Paper ID: 163421

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 11

Page(s): 1143 - 1146
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