Triple Cipher Security System Using Image Steganography In Cloud
Ameenath Fahmida D M, Dr. M K Sandhya, Swathi Priya S G, Swetha P
Cloud security, triple cipher encryption, image steganography, Google authentication, file encryption, secure storage, AES, RSA.
In response to the escalating concerns surrounding data security breaches and privacy infringements within cloud environments, this paper presents a pioneering security paradigm that presents triple cipher encryption and image steganography techniques. It embodies a comprehensive approach, underpinned by a suite of pivotal security measures. These include the integration of Google authentication, user registration protocols, file encryption mechanisms. Central to the system's efficacy is the intricate triple cipher encryption methodology, comprising initial substitution encryption, AES and RSA encryption layers. This encryption cascade not only fortifies the confidentiality of sensitive data but also erects barriers against unauthorized access attempts. Moreover, the seamless incorporation of image steganography augments confidentiality measures by enabling the embedding of encrypted files within seemingly innocuous images. By offering a comprehensive solution that encompasses encryption, steganography, and authentication mechanisms, our system represents a significant advancement in the field of cloud security. Its applications extend to various sectors, including but not limited to military, finance, government and healthcare where safeguarding sensitive data is paramount. Overall, our research contributes towards establishing a more secure and reliable environment for storing and managing data in the cloud.
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Unique Paper ID: 163884

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 11

Page(s): 2379 - 2383
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