Automatic Power Factor Compensation (APFC) For Industrial Power Use to Minimize Penalty
Suraj S. Shinde, Swapnil S. Sapkal, Ravindra N. Prabhu
Microcontroller 8051, Capacitor bank, Embedded Technology.
In the industrial division, the numerous motoring loads are continuously running and generating the inductive load. Power consumption is increasing day by day at a very high rate. So the power factor in this operation gets lessened due to the inductive reactive power. The electricity company charges the penalty to the industrial consumers if the power factor goes below the specified limit;. By using power capacitors the required compensation can be achieved to overcome inductive reactance with the help of APFC panel. The current transformer sends a current signal which is received by the microcontroller 8051 and simultaneously the signals are fed to the various contactors to connect the capacitors in the line. Thus due to addition of the capacitor to the line, it will help in compensating the reactive power and thus maintain the power factor near to unity. This will avoid the penalty to the industrial consumers. In the conventional methods, we were using the fixed capacitor for compensation. But these led to excessive charging of the capacitors, which in turn caused the voltage surges. Thus it becomes complicated to maintain power factor near unity by on and off operation of the fixed capacitor. The contactor switched capacitors are connected and disconnected automatically eliminating the previous predicament.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 12

Page(s): 2701 - 2704
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