Algorithmic Chat Monitoring for Mitigating Crime in Telegram: A Multi - Pronged Approach to Prevention and Forensics
Sreeram K Y, Kajal Bansal
Telegram, Chat bots algorithms, Cyber forensics, Instant messaging app, Information Technology Rules 2021
Telegram, a widely used messaging platform, has raised concerns regarding its potential to facilitate criminal activity. Existing research suggests that public groups and channels within Telegram promote illicit behaviour, including pornography, gambling, and piracy, which are believed to contribute to a rise in various global crimes. This is particularly concerning in India, where Telegram groups and channels promoting these activities are prevalent. Case studies further support the notion of Telegram's role in facilitating these crimes, prompting some Indian courts to consider banning the app.This study investigates the accessibility of Telegram public groups and channels promoting criminal activities (gambling, pornography, and piracy). Through an in-depth analysis of chat history data extracted from 300 such groups and channels, along with an examination of associated websites, the research aims to identify trends in user interactions and assess the ease of access to these platforms. Additionally, the study proposes the development of specialized algorithms for Telegram chat bots. These algorithms would serve a dual purpose: monitoring and preventing criminal activity discussions within these platforms ( and facilitating forensic analysis of extracted chat data to detect and investigate illicit conversations. The research findings indeed contributes a better understanding of the link between Telegram's accessibility and criminal activity, and the proposed algorithms could potentially aid law enforcement by preventing crime and assisting with forensic investigations.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1

Page(s): 14 - 21
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