Enhancing Soil Remediation: Phytoremediation and Plant- Microbe Interactions for Heavy Metal Pollution
Manisha, Jonika
Phytoremediation, heavy metals, soil contamination, plant-microbe interaction, plant growth promoting rhizobacteria.
Heavy metal contamination in soil poses a significant threat to human health and environmental well-being. This paper explores phytoremediation as a promising, cost-effective, and eco-friendly approach for remediating such soils. We examine the nature and properties of heavy metal contaminated soils, highlighting the harmful effects on plant growth and the need for remediation. This paper focuses on two key phytoremediation techniques: phytoextraction and phytostabilization. Phytoextraction utilizes hyperaccumulating plants to absorb and accumulate metals in their above-ground parts, facilitating removal from the soil. Phytostabilization, on the other hand, immobilizes metals within the soil using plants with high metal tolerance, minimizing their mobility and preventing further environmental spread. We delve into the mechanisms employed by plants to detoxify metals, including plasma membrane barriers, antioxidant systems, intracellular chelation, and compartmentalization. While acknowledging the advantages of phytoremediation like soil conservation, cost-effectiveness, and versatility, the limitations are also discussed, such as slow process, root depth limitations, and dependence on plant age and biomass. Furthermore, the potential of plant-microbe partnerships for enhancing phytoremediation is explored. Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) are highlighted for their ability to promote plant growth and tolerance to stress, ultimately improving metal uptake and stabilization.
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Unique Paper ID: 165664

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1

Page(s): 1329 - 1334
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