Generalised Epileptic Seizure Alert System
Eric Chettiar, Robin Arimbour, Rosh Suvarna, Jeba Nadar
Accelerometer, Arduino, Epileptic Seizures, Sensing
Generalized Epileptic Seizure Alert System is a medical device that detects epileptic seizures and then with the use of a buzzer, sound is emitted as an auditory alert system. The buzzer sound alerts the caretaker of the patient or a nearby person to assist the patient during the attack and take care that the patient does not get hurt by the surroundings or fall down as the patient loses control. The device consists of an accelerometer which is used to sense the vibrations caused during the epileptic attack and is computed by a micro-controller which takes the data from the accelerometer and checks whether the vibration sensed is within limits or not which is programmed in it, if the detected vibration is more than the programmed data then the micro-controller sends the signal to the buzzer and the buzzer emits noise. In the literature, it is presented that the limit of the vibration produced will be +/- 2g acceleration unit. We created a virtual circuit of the device using the software Tinkercad where a virtual Arduino was used as a microcontroller and a virtual LED as an output as it was for better visual representation than an auditory one. The results achieved through the testing were successful. Our model was tested using an open-source dataset and produced 73.53 percent accuracy in predicting epileptic seizures.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1

Page(s): 2235 - 2240
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