Flexural and Shear Strengthening Of RC beams with FRP-An Experimental Study
S.Rajesh, P.Suneetha
RC beams, FRP
This study deals with experimental investigation for enhancing the flexural and shear capacity of RC beams using Glass fiber reinforced polymers (GFRP) and Carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP). Fifteen concrete beam specimens with dimensions of 110mm width, 200mm height and 1300mm length were fabricated in the laboratory. As per practical consideration of pre-stressed bridge girders, one 30mm diameter longitudinal hole was provided below the neutral axis in the tension zone in all the beams for future strengthening, service lines and other consideration. The geometry of all beams was kept constant, while steel reinforcement varied as per initial design. Out of 15 beams four were control beams. One beam was made without any steel reinforcement strengthened with two layers of GFRP fabrics U- jacketed over the full span. Five beams were weak in flexure, strengthened using GFRP fabrics with varying configurations in higher flexural zone. Four beams were weak in shear, (tied with two 6-Ø stirrups in each support, one 6-Ø stirrup at mid span to keep the grill intact for concreting) strengthened using GFRP fabrics with varying configurations in higher shear zones near both supports. One beam was made weak in shear, strengthened with CFRP fabrics in higher shear zones near both supports. All the beams were simply supported at both ends with 1000mm effective span, 150mm bearings, loaded under more realistic loading conditions, i.e. uniformly distributed loaded (UDL) and tested up to failure by gradually increasing super imposed load. The preparation of concrete surface was done with great care and showed no bond failure in all U-jacketed and inclined stripped beams. One beam bonded with GFRP fabric in the soffit bottom only failed due to debonding.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 10

Page(s): 150 - 154
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