R. Senthil Kumar , Lecturer(SG)
In this paper we report the successful development of pressure sensitive textileprototypes based on flexible optical fibres technology. Our approach is based on thermoplastic silicone fibres, which can be integrated into woven textiles. As soon as pressure at a certain area of the textile is applied to these fibres they change their cross section reversibly, due to their elastomeric character, and a simultaneous change in transmitted light intensity can be detected. We have successfully manufactured two different woven samples with fibres of 0.51 and 0.98 mm diameter in warp and weft direction, forming a pressure sensitive matrix. Determining their physical behaviour when a force is applied shows that pressure measurements are feasible. Their usable working range is between 0 and 30 N. Small drifts in the range of 0.2 to 4.6%, over 25 load cycles, could be measured. Finally, a sensor array of 2 x 2 optical fibres was tested for sensitivity, spatial resolution and light coupling between fibres at intersections. This procedure also applies to all Hospital and Health Services. This procedure specifically applies to Hospital and Health Service employees who prescribe compression garments to adults with lymphedema and the facilities which provide these garments and/ or which are responsible for the purchase of these garments. The procedure does not include recommendations regarding the clinical care of clients with lymphedema beyond the selection and supply of compression garments. New applications in the field of so-called smart textiles for health monitoring are having a high demand of new techniques to successfully miniaturize and embed electronics, optics and sensors into fabrics and garments. The benefit of close to the body measurements are numerous e.g. enhanced comfort and ease of movement for the wearer, reduction of loose connecting wires between sensors
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2

Page(s): 362 - 368
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