Review on the Superdisintigrant
Sayali S. Dandge, Pratibha R. Vannarvad, Maheshwari S. Bhoge, Renuka R. Deshpande, Nandkishor B. Bavage, Vidyasagar Gali, Shyamlila B. Bavage
Disintegration, Superdisintigrants, classification, factors, Method.
The 90% of medicine are taken orally in the form of tablets, Capsule Suspension, &Emulsion etc. Tablet is one of the most preferred dosage forms amongst these because of its ease of manufacturing, convenience in administration the formulation of tablet containing API and excipients. The role of API to produce therapeutics action and excipients are the additives used in tablet formulation to improve Dissolution rate, Disintegration, taste, color, flavors, bulkiness and bioavaibility of the drug. The Bioavaibility of drug is dependent on in vivo disintegration, dissolution and various others factors. Disintegrating agents is a Substances added to tablet to facilitate its break up. The therapeutic action is based on the amount of drug released from the tablet, these disintegrants produce rapid disaggregation of solid in to solution and absorption of the drug takes place number of conventional and in novel dosage form utilize the Disintegration agents this base create number ofpreparation like Fast Dissolving Tablet, Dispersible Tablet and Pulsatile Tablet etc. This review article focuses on various aspects of disintigrants like defination, Classification Characteristics, Methods and etc
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Unique Paper ID: 149480

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 12

Page(s): 489 - 496
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