Preparation of Pd(II) complexes of cyclohexanone anthranilic acid, cyclohexanone5-bromoanthranilic acid, characterization, and study of their antitumor ability.
Dr.Lali Thomas Kotturan
Cyclohexanoneanthranilic acid, Cyclohexanone5-bromoanthranilic acid, square planar Pd(II) complexes, antitumor studies of [Pd(CHAA)2], antitumor studies of [Pd(CHBrAA)] .
The cyclohexanone forms bidentate ligands with anthranilic acid and 5-bromoanthranilic acid. The ligands are CHAA (cyclohexanone anthranilic acid) and CHBrAA (Cyclohexanone5-bromoanthranilic acid). CHAA and CHBrAA coordinate to Pd(II) ion through –O of –COO group and -N of -C=N group. The structures of the Pd(II) complexes with CHAA and CHBrAA are found to be square planar from characterization techniques. The complexes and ligands were tested for the antitumor activity by the in vitro method, tissue culture, and percentage increase in the life span of Swiss Albino mice.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 9

Page(s): 533 - 535
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