Comparative study of the crystal structures of 7,8-Dimethyl-4-bromomethylcoumarin (C12 H11 Br O2) and 7-methyl 6, 8-dinitro 4-bromomethyl coumarin (C11 H7 Br N2 O6)
Dr. Ramakrishna Gowda, Dr. K. V Arjuna Gowda
bromomethylcoumarin, Methoxycrystal x-ray study, Molecular Packing and hydrogen bonding
4-Bromomethylcoumarins were first reported by Dey and co-workers by the reaction of various phenols and 4-bromoethylacetoacetate under Pechmann cyclisation conditions .Compounds have been used for the synthesis of a variety of ethers, amines, sulphides, bi- and tri-heterocycles which have been screened for anti-microbials, anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities Halomethylcoumarins were screened for their protease inhibiting property and due to the biochemical importance of 7-methoxy-4-bromomethylcoumarin is now commercially available. FT-IR-Raman spectral studies along with ab-initio calculations have indicated the existence of conformers which differ in their orientation with respect to the coumarin ring. It is likely that the allylic bromine (with respect to C3-C4 double bond) is oriented an angle of around 100o to the mean plane of the coumarin moiety. In view of this, it was thought of considerable interest to study the X-ray structures of various 4-bromomethylcoumarins with different groups in the benzene ring.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 11

Page(s): 172 - 175
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