Comparative study of the crystal structures of 6-Choloro 4-[(4-methyl) phenoxy methyl] coumarin (C17 H13 Cl O3) and 2-[6-Chloro-2-oxo-2H- chromen -4-ylmethoxy]-benzonitrile. (C17 H10 Cl N O3)
Dr. Ramakrishna gowda, Dr. K. V Arjuna Gowda
Phenoxymethylcoumarin, crystal x-ray study, Molecular Packing and hydrogen bonding
4-Phenoxymethylcoumarin by the reaction of 4-bromomethylcoumarin with phenol Compound was subjected to the Claisen rearrangement at high temperature, which gave negative results. Subsequently a number of 4-aryloxymethylcoumarin were synthesised as possible anti-microbial agents. Introduction of biocompatible fragments like vanillin and paracetamol resulted in novel 4-aryloxymethylcoumarins which exhibited anti-inflammatory, analgesic and interesting photophysical properties also. The first report on the X-ray diffraction studies on 4-aryloxymethylcoumarins has revealed that the molecules exist as head-tail dimers in solid state as observed in the case of 7-methyl-4-tolyloxymethylcoumarin. In the light of above observations following 4-aryloxymethylcoumarins possessing chloro/bromo substituents have been subjected to X-ray diffraction studies
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Unique Paper ID: 157488

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 7

Page(s): 297 - 300
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