Experimental Study of a honeycomb structured 3D printed sandwich panel
Nagalingeshwara V, S K Maharana, R Vijaya Kumar, Venugopal M M
Sandwich structures, honeycomb core, composites, design of sandwich, experiment,
In the aircraft sector, composite sandwich panels are increasingly being used for floor panels, compartment partitions, bulkheads, and even the skin and wings. For aeroplane operations, it is critical to create light-weight structures. This is where the sandwich panel comes in. Sandwich composites are multilayered materials created by glueing stiff, high-strength skin facings to a low-density core. Using finite element analysis and experimental equipment, composite sandwich panels are constructed, tested, and evaluated under various load circumstances. Edge wise and flat wise loading, where edgewise loads are applied in the plane of the sandwich panel and flat wise loads are applied normal to the plane of the sandwich panel, are examples of these load conditions. Without sacrificing strength, the number of layers in the face sheet and core thickness are optimised. The fluctuation of stresses with respect to loads put on a 3D printed sandwich panel with a hexagonal core was investigated in an experimental investigation. For a loading range of 1 - 60 kg, strains in both the x- and y-directions of the panel show a mean difference of 0.28. The standardised values of the strains were used to compare them using Bayesian Estimation, which outperforms the t Test.
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Unique Paper ID: 154874

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 12

Page(s): 542 - 547
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