Structure and Photoluminescence properties of Na4Mg(PO4)2 : Sm3+ Phosphor
N. Chandana, G.Pushpa Chakrapani, G.G.Dhar
Phosphors, Display, Photoluminescence, Chromaticity, Red emission.
The combustion approach was used to produce a series of reddish orange-emitting phosphate phosphors, Na4Mg1−x(PO4)2: xSm3+(0.01≤x≤0.1). To describe the structure and luminescence characteristics of as-produced phosphors, X-ray diffraction and photoluminescence spectra have been used. The optimized Na4Mg(PO4)3:0.08Sm3+  phosphor showed several excitation bands from 350 to 500 nm, and exhibit intense reddish orange-emission. The energy transfer type between Sm3+ ions was confirmed as dipole-dipole (d-d) interaction. The chromatic properties of the typical sample Na4Mg(PO4)3:0.08Sm3+ phosphor have been found to have chromaticity coordinates of (0.583, 0.405), which are located in reddish orange region under the excitation of 403 nm. Due to their effective excitation in the near-ultraviolet range, our results suggested that Na4Mg(PO4)3:Sm3+ phosphors have prospective uses in the field of lighting and display.
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Unique Paper ID: 156703

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 4

Page(s): 539 - 543
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