Numerical analysis on structural behaviour of biaxial voided slab
ABAQUS, Voided slab
The biaxial voided slab is a cutting-edge structural system that has gained attention due to its ability to significantly reduce the self-weight of reinforced concrete (RC) slabs while maintaining their flexural capacity. By incorporating voids within the slab, up to 50% weight reduction can be achieved compared to solid slabs. However, the presence of voids introduces certain challenges that need to be addressed. One major challenge is the reduction in the effective concrete area due to the presence of voids. This reduction leads to a decrease in flexural stiffness, which affects the overall performance of the slab under load. Additionally, the shear capacity of the slab is also impacted by the presence of voids. Another important consideration is the alteration of the location of the critical failure section for punching shear. The voids within the slab can affect the distribution of forces, potentially shifting the point of failure and necessitating careful analysis and design considerations. To enable the wider implementation of biaxial voided slabs in the construction industry, this study focuses on developing comprehensive design guidelines specifically tailored for their behaviour under flexure and concentrated load conditions. The investigation takes into account various factors, including the influence of tensile membrane action and the orientation of reinforcement, on the ultimate flexural capacity of RC solid slabs. Furthermore, the study aims to explore whether the beneficial effects observed in enhancing the capacity of RC solid slabs can also be achieved in RC voided slabs. This analysis will provide valuable insights into the ultimate capacity of biaxial voided slabs with a reasonable level of accuracy. To accomplish these objectives, the study relies on experimental results obtained from the current research and data collected from the existing literature. By combining these findings, analytical formulations are developed to guide the design process and assess the structural behaviour of biaxial voided slabs. This study contributes to the understanding of the biaxial voided slab system, offering valuable guidelines and insights for its practical application. By leveraging the knowledge gained, e
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