Investigating Mechanical Characteristics of Ferrocement with Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate using Copper Slag
S.G.S.Navean, M.Raffikbasha
Ferrocement, copper slag, mechanical properties
Ferrocement, a versatile composite material comprising a cement-based mortar matrix reinforced with mesh or metal elements, stands out for its exceptional mechanical properties and varied applications in construction. This study delves into exploring the mechanical behavior of ferrocement, focusing specifically on partially replacing its fine aggregate with copper slag, eliminating the conventional metal mesh reinforcement. The primary objective is to assess the impact of incorporating copper slag, an industrial by-product, on the mechanical characteristics of ferrocement. In this research, varying percentages of copper slag (ranging from 0% to 70%) replace the fine aggregate in the ferrocement mix. The study meticulously examines the impact of this substitution on crucial mechanical properties, encompassing compression, tensile, and flexural strengths, alongside additional characteristics like elastic modulus, durability, and density. Experimental procedures involve preparing ferrocement samples with diverse copper slag replacement ratios, followed by standardized curing processes and rigorous mechanical testing adhering to recognized standards. The findings sought aim to offer insights into the feasibility of utilizing copper slag as a partial replacement for fine aggregate in ferrocement without relying on a metal mesh for reinforcement. Beyond understanding the mechanical implications, this research aims to evaluate the potential sustainable implications of this alteration in construction practices. Ultimately, the outcomes of this study aspire to provide valuable knowledge for engineers, researchers, and construction professionals, offering innovative and environmentally friendly alternatives in the domain of construction materials.
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Unique Paper ID: 162170

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 8

Page(s): 287 - 290
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