Multi Input Modified Z Source Based Boost Converter Fed BLDC Motor for Electric Vehicle
Sri Vishnu Priya N, Dr. Mahendren, Senthilkumar T
MIZB - Multi-Input Modified Z Source-Based Boost Converter, BLDC - Brushless Direct Current, RBFNN - Radial Basis Function Network, PWM – Pulse Width Modulation, EV – Electric Vehicle. GA – Genetic Algorithm.
For an electric car, this project proposes a multi-input modified Z source based boost converter fed BLDC motor. A MIZB is added to improve converter output for voltage stability. In order to raise the voltage level of the PV, a GA-based RBFNN MPPT is utilized to monitor the solar panel's maximum power. The bi-directional battery converter is connected with a solar panel as one of the input sources. The excess electricity from the PV array is provided into the EV motor to run it during the solar eclipse in addition to charging the battery. When it is dark and overcast outside, the battery power is activated and used as an extra input source to power the BLDC motor.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 4

Page(s): 452 - 456
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