Solid state room heater that generates electrical energy
V.Megana, Azra Zaineb, B.Nikhil, E.Revanth
Conversion, Electric Energy, Hot Air Blowers, Light Source, Room Heaters, Thermo-Electric-Generators (TEG), Waste Heat, Warm-up
In winter, especially in chilled cities like Shimla & Kashmir, room heaters are essential and these devices equipped with hot air blowers, entire room temperature will be raised to a certain level depending up on the heater and blower capacity. Construction of hot air blower is very simple, but producing electric energy from the room heater is the new technology. Here, the heat produced by the hot air blower is also used to generate electric energy through the Thermo-Electric-Generators (TEG). The main purpose of this system is, without any additional power source, using the same heat produced by the hot air blower to warm-up the room, another important talented feature of generating electric energy is created by which the required light source for the room will be created without additional power source. Means the waste heat produced by the body of room heater can be converted in to electric energy.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 11

Page(s): 1606 - 1620
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