Lora Based End To End Tracking System Overcoming Signal Transmission Error
Dr.K.G.Revathi, S.Agnes Angela, A.Baby Shalini, T.Divya
Internet of things, GSM, GPS, Longitude, Latitude
In today’s world the security of the nation is depends upon the enemies’ warfare and so the safety of the soldiers is considered as vital role in it. The security of any nation depends on military, army, air-force & navy of country and the backbone of all these forces are our soldier. one of the fundamental charges in military operations lies in that soldier not able to communicate with control room station. In this project the exact location and health status parameter of soldier can be sent to be base station in real time so that the appropriate action can be taken in case of crisis. GPS is used to log the longitude and latitude so that direction can be known easily. Here to find the health status of the soldier we are using the body temperature sensor to measure the temperature of body as well as heart beat rate to measure heart beat rate of soldier. The IoT makes the entire monitoring process fast, efficient and the decisions can be taken in less amount of time. So by using these equipments we are trying to implement the basic life gurding system for soldier in low cost and high reliability. So by using these equipments we are trying to implement the basic life guarding system for soldier in low cost and high reliability. this paper presents the deployment of a LoRa W AN implemented by Thai people called Universal and Ubiquitous (ULoRa) for an application of Internet-of-Things in tactical troop tracking systems. The proposed long-range communication system comprises only the implemented gateway using Raspberry-Pi but also an end-device using microcontroller with GPS and other sensors for geological and physical tracking. The proposed system employs four gateways with bridge-to-bridge WIFI connection for communication to the server. The end node can be integrated more than ten types of sensors such as GPS, temperature, humidity, and water sensors. All data can be visualized real-time via monitor station. The proposed system provides not only an emerging long-range communication but also low-power operation in a military campsite within 0.5 kilometers using a transmission power of 4dBi
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Unique Paper ID: 150970

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 11

Page(s): 141 - 147
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