High Speed LIFI Based Data Communication in Vehicular Networks
Pravina.V.A , Sahaya shajini J, Sri Ramya V B, Valarmathi E
Intelligent Transport System, Light Emitting Diode, Visible light communication, Photodiode, Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication
This paper presents the latest technology called as LI-FI which has been developing a lot in few years. Using the concept of LI-FI two vehicle are communicated with the help of LEDs bulbs with the help of transmitter and receiver circuit. With the help of this technology the road accident can be controlled and many human life can be saved. A very chip device called as ultrasonic sensor which is used to measure the distance is used here just to communicate the two vehicles when they comes in the contact in some range which is preferred for the ultrasonic sensor. Using this LI-FI the data are transmitted from one vehicle to another. The data that is transmitted through LIFI can be any data like audio, video or text. This technology was introduced few years back, which needs more systematic enquiry on its sustainability for traffic control purpose. This concept can be implemented at very low cost and with higher efficiency. At present, the day to day activities use lot of LEDs based lights for illumination, which can also be used for communication because of the advantages like fast switching, high power efficiency and safe to human vision. Hence, this project presents about ecofriendly data communication between vehicle to vehicle through visible light which consists of the white LEDs that transmit audio signals to the receiver. The receiver circuit consists of solar panel connected with the amplifier and speakers to recover back the amplified version of original input signal. VLC has a bright future and it acts as a complement to the present RF communication by achieving higher efficiency.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 12

Page(s): 352 - 358
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