IoT-Crafted Culinary Excellence: Enhancing Daily Living through Smart Kitchen Integration and Automation
Rubi R, Albin S S
IoT Integration,Smart Kitchen Automation, Arduino and ESP8266 Applications,Cloud-Based Culinary Systems,Sustainable Living Technologies.
This research explores the transformative integration of IoT technologies in culinary domains, presenting a Smart Automated Kitchen System designed to redefine daily living through enhanced efficiency and sustainability. Leveraging Arduino, ESP8266, sensors, and cloud technology, this innovative system automates tasks such as real-time food inventory monitoring, dynamic cooking parameter adjustment, and intelligent energy consumption optimization. The Arduino and ESP8266 components facilitate robust control and coordination among connected appliances, establishing an intelligent and responsive kitchen ecosystem. Users can remotely manage and monitor kitchen activities through an intuitive smartphone interface, ensuring unprecedented convenience and control. The incorporation of a cloud server enhances data storage, accessibility, and processing capabilities, contributing to overall system efficiency. This amalgamation streamlines daily kitchen operations, champions resource efficiency, and signifies a transformative stride toward interconnected and intelligent environments. Beyond operational enhancements, the study underscores the potential of the Smart Automated Kitchen System to drive sustainability in the heart of homes. Results showcase successful integration, positive user feedback, and highlight areas for improvement, setting the stage for future developments. This research exemplifies the pioneering impact of IoT technologies on optimizing daily living experiences, particularly in kitchen environments, and paves the way for the evolution of smart homes.
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Unique Paper ID: 162208

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 8

Page(s): 334 - 340
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