GreenGuard: An Economic and Intelligent IoT Solution for Sustainable Farming and Water Conservation
Saranya S S, Dr.L.Nisha Evangelin
IoT-based Irrigation,Sustainable Farming, Water Conservation,Precision Agriculture, Intelligent Decision-Making Algorithms
The GreenGuard system, a pioneering IoT-based Intelligent Irrigation System, emerges as a transformative solution for contemporary agriculture, effectively addressing critical challenges in water conservation, crop yield enhancement, and energy efficiency. Through real-time monitoring of soil moisture levels, the system dynamically adjusts irrigation, minimizing water usage and promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Precision control over irrigation ensures optimal crop conditions, fostering healthier plants and bolstering agricultural productivity. Intelligent decision-making algorithms optimize energy efficiency by selectively activating the irrigation pump based on demand-driven data analysis. Comparative analysis with traditional methods underscores the system's superiority, leveraging data-driven decisions, real-time monitoring, and remote control via the Blynk application. Identified challenges, such as connectivity issues and initial setup complexity, present opportunities for refinement, emphasizing continuous improvement. The project signifies a substantial stride towards resource-efficient agriculture, providing farmers with an invaluable tool for sustainable and precision farming, thus contributing significantly to global food security and environmentally responsible farming practices
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Unique Paper ID: 162209

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 8

Page(s): 341 - 346
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