IoT Eyes: Transforming Spatial Awareness for the Visually Impaired through Innovative Connected Navigation Systems
Neethu R Nair, Vijitha
IoT-based Navigation Assistance System, Visually Impaired, Assistive Technologies, User-centric Design, Cloud Integration
This research presents an innovative IoT-based Navigation Assistance System tailored for visually impaired individuals. Utilizing Arduino boards, ultrasonic and rain sensors, RFID technology, and connectivity modules like ESP8266, the system enhances real-time spatial awareness and offers personalized guidance, promoting improved mobility and independence. Employing buzzers, vibration motors, and an MP3 module for auditory and tactile feedback, the system prioritizes user centric design principles, ensuring modularity and adaptability to individual preferences. Integration with Thingspeak cloud server facilitates remote accessibility and real-time storage of sensor data, while IFTTT app integration enables personalized notifications based on specific triggers. Preliminary testing and user feedback demonstrate promising results, highlighting the system's potential to significantly enhance the quality of life for visually impaired individuals. This project contributes to the ongoing efforts to create inclusive and empowering solutions, fostering independence and confidence in navigating complex environments for the visually impaired community
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Unique Paper ID: 162207

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 8

Page(s): 327 - 333
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