An Overview on Stress and Somatic Embryogenesis
Suresh Kumar C, Keshamma. E
Somatic embryogenesis, Stress, Signaling, Induction, Growth regulators.
Global climatic changes and growing demographic pressure have increased demand for agronomic resources, leading to an increasing lack of land suitable for agriculture; they have moreover provoked several abiotic stresses which, added to the biotic ones, result in physiological and metabolic disorders that ultimately impact on yield when it most needs to be improved. Understanding and resolving the impact of stress on yield is a major scientific and agronomic challenge and biotechnological breeding would be an efficient alternative. However, to reduce risks of soma clonal variations among regenerants and transformants, it is better to produce them through somatic embryogenesis. Somatic embryogenesis is a means by which plants can regenerate bipolar structures from a somatic cell. Somatic embryogenesis can be induced in-vitro by exposing explants to stress or growth regulator treatments. The ability to change their cell fate and generate somatic embryos is restricted to a discrete group of cells. Somatic embryogenesis is a complex phenomenon, and it is poorly understood. Somatic embryogenesis can start in various ways and the differential response among cells can be stimulated by several factors, among them highlight the genotype, the physiological state and the origin of the explants, as well as the medium culture or the plant growth regulators used for in-vitro culture. However, several stress treatments such as low or high temperature, heavy metals, osmotic shock, among others, might play a crucial role in somatic embryogenesis induction, even in the absence of exogenous plant growth regulators. Here in this narrative review we aimed to describe and delineate on recent perspectives on stress and their influence on somatic embryogenesis induction.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 3

Page(s): 368 - 384
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