Formulation and evaluation of captopril transdermal liposomsal gel
Captopril, Liposomes, Captopril liposomal gel, Transdermal, ether injection method, stearylamine, in-vitro diffusion study
In the present study, Captopril liposomsal gel were developed in order to accomplish short half life of captopril to eliminated a first-pass metabolism of captopril in GIT. To enhances the bio-availability of drug. To increases a sustained release of drug for prolonged period of time. Firstly, developed liposomes by ether injection method and then formulated a liposomal gel by using dispersion method. For this purpose, Phospholipon-90H, cholesterol and stearylamine was chosen as excipient for formulated a liposomes. By taken different concentration of stearylamine and cholesterol applied a full factorial design. All the nine batches were evaluated with respect to the drug content and entrapment efficiency, in-vitro drug diffusion. The optimized batches were evaluated with respect to particle size, FESEM, FTIR and zeta potential. The in vitro drug released of liposomes was found to be 45.48±0.36% at 10 hrs and 54.84±2.63% up to 12 hours respectively, followed super case II transport mechanism with zero order release. The results of in-vitro revealed that captopril liposomes gives a sustained released as compared to captopril solution. The optimized sustained release batch was used to formulate captopril liposomal gel. The 1% liposomal gel was evaluated with respect to the spreadability, viscosity, drug content, ph measurement and in vitro diffusion study. Into in vitro diffusion studied data of captopril liposomal gel compared with captopril gel which showed that liposomal gel gives sustained release of drug 45.18±0.51% up to 12 hrs. Captopril gel formulation used transdermally to treat a hypertension. Also, eliminated a problem of orally administered drug caused. It also protects a drug from hepatic degradation. Increase better patient compliances.
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